Essential Operational Components for High-performing Healthcare Enterprises

(ACHE Management)

Essential Operational Components for High-performing Healthcare Enterprises Author Jonathan Burroughs
Isbn 9781640550001
File size 5.04MB
Year 2018
Pages 540
Language English
File format PDF
Category Medicine

Book Description:

The future of healthcare is clear. The move toward value-based care is happening at an unprecedented rate and requires healthcare enterprises to build delivery models that focus on clinical and business outcomes, not on volume. This shift requires a new infrastructure that supports the digitization, standardization, commoditization, and globalization of the healthcare industry.   In Essential Operational Components for High-Performing Healthcare Enterprises, Jon Burroughs and other nationally respected experts highlight the operational building blocks necessary to engage, align, and transform healthcare organizations into integrated delivery systems capable of delivering population healthcare outcomes in new ways. They must marshal cutting-edge tools, including cloud-based data storage, disruptive innovation technologies, and strategic partnerships that span the globe.   This forward-thinking book defines the fundamental operational components for achieving success in a value-based world, including: Collaborative leadership skills Governance competencies Rapidly evolving clinical and executive roles  Dynamic strategic planning and contracting Models of clinical integration and alignment that are capable of managing actuarial risk Seamless transmission of cloud-based health information through global health information exchanges Predictive business and clinical analytics to manage actuarial risk and population healthcare outcomes A population health infrastructure to support the cost-effective redistribution of resources Other industries have undergone a similar transformation; now healthcare, the most complex industry of all, must complete these changes to excel in the new global marketplace. This book shows the way.


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