Everyone Can!: Skill Development and Assessment in Elementary Physical Education

59962b01c979c.jpeg Author Luke Kelly
Isbn 9780736062121
File size 5.7MB
Year 2010
Pages 160
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

Physical educators are facing increasing demands for accountability while being asked to address the needs of increasingly more diverse classes of students. Unfortunately, many physical education curricula use a one-size-fits-all approach that does not allow teachers to adequately address those needs. This leaves many physical educators frustrated and overworked as they try to make do with a curriculum that really doesn’t work.

Enter Everyone Can!: Skill Development and Assessment in Elementary Physical Education. This book and Web site package offers a wealth of information from the Achievement-Based Curriculum model that addresses the needs of all students. That includes kids who are ready for extension activities, those who are developing typically, those who have not yet mastered the essential skills but have no disability, and those who have disabilities.

Everyone Can! offers

• over 2,000 pages of assessment-based instructional activities and 313 games that provide you with a systematic way to foster and monitor student learning;

• 70 curriculum-embedded assessment items and 140 score sheets;

• an in-depth explanation of how to best use the instructional activities, games, and score sheets provided in the online resource; and

• hundreds of portable teacher task cards, which allow you to print an activity or game card from the Web and carry it with you to the gym or field.

This resource offers you a wide selection of content to help you meet NASPE, NCPERID, and APENS standards—but it does more than just help you meet national or state standards. It provides you with step-by-step guidance in designing and implementing just the curriculum you need, as well as evaluating student progress and program effectiveness. Anchored in the Achievement-Based Curriculum (ABC) model of PE curricular design, it provides concrete examples to illustrate each step of the ABC model and guides you through a series of decisions to help you choose your program content and how to best teach that content based on student performance. Once you have designed the curriculum, you have a storehouse of resources—including more than 2,000 online pages—to use in implementing your program.

Everyone Can! doesn’t separate out adapted activities; you will find these adaptations throughout the resource. In fact, the hundreds of games and activities in this ready-to-use package come with extensive accommodations, helping you to be inclusive and effective, regardless of a child’s skill level.

This systematic resource provides you with a comprehensive physical education approach right at your fingertips, saving time and energy while offering you concrete guidance in creating or improving your physical education program. In other words, this quintessential elementary physical education package will free you up so everyone can achieve and succeed!


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