The Wedding Night: A Popular History

This enlightening narrative takes a look at the wedding night―its origins, history, customs, cultural expressions, and fictional representations through the ages. • 15 paintings, illustrations, sculptures, and cartoons that depict aspects of the wedding night throughout history • Numerous texts and quotations from primary sources that underscore historical practices and mores • An appendix of movies that feature important wedding nig...

Women without Men: Single Mothers and Family Change in the New Russia

Women without Men illuminates Russia's "quiet revolution" in family life through the lens of single motherhood. Drawing on extensive ethnographic and interview data, Jennifer Utrata focuses on the puzzle of how single motherhood frequently seen as a social problem in other contexts became taken for granted in the New Russia. While most Russians, including single mothers, believe that two-parent families are preferable, many also cont...

Serving Military Families: Theories, Research, and Application, 2 edition

"Anyone working, or wishing to work with the military would benefit from this book. ... I will continue to use it as a supplemental text. It should be in every social work school s library. The ... proposed changes are good and timely, especially expansion on veterans and women service members, and same sex couples." Josephine Pryce, University of Alabama, USA

Macho Paradox

Praise for The Macho Paradox "An honest, intellectually rigorous and insightful work that challenges readers to truly engage in a political discourse that can change lives, communities and nations." --Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes "Jackson Katz is an American hero! With integrity and courage, he has taken his message--that the epidemic of violence against women is a men's issue--into athletic terms, the military...

Not My Kid: What Parents Believe about the Sex Lives of Their Teenagers

Teenagers have sex. While almost all parents understand that many teenagers are sexually active, there is a paradox in many parents’ thinking: they insist their own teen children are not sexual, but characterize their children’s peers as sexually-driven and hypersexual. Rather than accuse parents of being in denial, Sinikka Elliott teases out the complex dynamics behind this thinking, demonstrating that it is rooted in fears and anxi...

Psychotherapy with Families: An Analytic Approach

Originally published in 1981, this study is the outcome of a clinical workshop based in the Adolescent Department at the Tavistock Clinic; its members at the time shared a tradition and interest in applying psychoanalytic principles to the understanding of groups and institutions and believed in the crucial relevance of these in work with families. It is written with the general reader in mind as well as those who work specifically i...

Prendre son temps... pour en gagner

Organiser son temps et améliorer sa qualité de vie... Pour de nombreuses personnes, c'est une prouesse d'équilibriste. Pourtant, il existe un filet de sécurité : les nouvelles méthodes de gestion du temps. Que vous souhaitiez : apprendre à mieux gérer vos priorités, gagner en efficacité au bureau comme à la maison, concilier harmonieusement vie professionnelle et vie privée, décider activement du cours de votre existence... La soluti...

Broken Links, Enduring Ties

Family-making in America is in a state of fluxthe ways people compose their families is changing, including those who choose to adopt. "Broken Links, Enduring Ties" is a groundbreaking comparative investigation of transnational and interracial adoptions in America. Linda Seligmann uncovers the impact of these adoptions over the last twenty years on the ideologies and cultural assumptions that Americans hold about families and how the...

Motherload: Making It All Better in Insecure Times

In a time of economic anxiety, fear of terrorism, and marital uncertainty, insecurity has become a big part of life for many American mothers. With bases of security far from guaranteed, mothers are often seeking something they can count on. In this beautifully written and accessible book, Ana Villalobos shows how mothers frequently rely on the one thing that seems sure to them: the mother-child relationship. Based on over one hundre...

Simplifiez votre vie en 7 jours

Pour être plus détendu et gagner en efficacité, au travail comme à la maison, il existe une solution... Le désordre n'est pas seulement inesthétique. Il vous empêche d'aller de l'avant. Grâce à ce livre, vous ne serez plus encombré d'objets inutiles, vous pourrez choisir vos vêtements en deux temps trois mouvements, vous ne perdrez plus un temps fou à chercher vos clés ou un dossier ultra important... Mettez un terme à votre stress e...