Fault Diagnosis for Robust Inverter Power Drives

(Energy Engineering)

Fault Diagnosis for Robust Inverter Power Drives Author Antonio Ginart
Isbn 9781785614101
File size 32.82MB
Year 2018
Pages 320
Language English
File format PDF
Category Engineering and Technology

Book Description:

Power drives are used for induction motor control, uninterruptible power supplies, and in electrical vehicles. The increasing penetration of power drives makes their reliability, robustness, and early diagnosis a central point of attention especially in planning, designing, and financing. This book explores fault diagnosis of inverter drives to enable early diagnosis and robust design for efficient long life operation.

Fault Diagnosis for Robust Inverter Power Drives focuses on early diagnosis, prognosis, and intrinsic reliability of inverter power drives and their applications. Topics include material degradation, materials, semiconductors, inverter topologies, and early diagnosis as well as fault tolerant software strategies.

This work is highly relevant to researchers, power electronics professionals, and system designers in aerospace, hybrid and electrical cars, and power systems.


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