Filipino Combat Systems

An Introduction to An Ancient Art for Modern Times

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Year 2005
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Book Description:

Filipino Combat Systems (FCS) by Mark Edward Cody begins with a preface written by Guro Ray Dionaldo where he describes FCS as a "Tribal Art" as opposed to a martial art or martial science. He explains that "tribal arts" have the mindset that they are training family members, and lack the political hierarchy found in more traditional "martial arts".

The core text of Filipino Combat Systems offers a great deal of information for warriors, written by someone who obviously as a true warrior's mindset. The book begins with a description of the birth, history and origins of the Filipino Combat Systems.

Several core concepts of the Filipino Combat Systems and basic martial concepts are demonstrated. This includes flowing drills, quadrants, and combat distances, and much more. We are also introduced to weapons, including single and double sticks, the karambit, the kris, and the modern expandable baton.

We are also presented with a review of Musashi's strategies from the `Book of Five Rings'. We are also presented with the author's idea of the basics of self-defense, discussing awareness and preparedness, including:

> Be aware of all avenues of escape, cover and concealment

> Look for potential improvised weapons within your environment

> Attempt to stay informed about criminal activity and other dangers in your area.

> Be aware of defensive options and the pros and cons of each:

* Firearms

* Other weapons: Tear gas, knives, impact weapons, and stun guns

* Martial arts training... and more

> Take security measures to make yourself more difficult to victimize.

And perhaps most importantly:

>Be aware that your safety is YOUR responsibility. Do not depend on others to protect you.

Filipino Combat Systems is very well illustrated with numerous photographs and contains well-written, informative text offering insight for those who follow the way of the warrior.


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