Flavian Poetry (Mnemosyne Supplementa)

5bdb92d247922.jpg Author Harm-Jan van Dam, Johannes J.L. Smolenaars, and Ruurd R. Nauta
Isbn 9789004147942
File size 2.9MB
Year 2005
Pages 418
Language English
File format PDF
Category Poetry

Book Description:

The reign of the Flavian emperors (69-96) saw the production of a large and varied body of Latin poetry: the epics of Valerius Flaccus, Silius Italicus and Statius, the Silvae of the same Statius, and the Epigrams of Martial. This poetry, long seen as derivative or decadent, is now increasingly appreciated for the daring originality of its responses both to the Latin literary tradition and to the contemporary Roman world. In the summer of 2003, the first-ever international conference on Flavian poetry, was held at Groningen, The Netherlands, bringing together leading scholars in the field from Europe, North America and Australasia. This volume offers a selection of the papers delivered on that occasion.


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