Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy

Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy Author Yogi Ramacharaka (William Walker Atkinson)
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Year 1903
Pages 176
Language English
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Book Description:

It is with no ordinary feelings that we address ourselves to our students of the Yogi class of 1904. We see, as they perhaps do not, that to many of them this series of lessons will be as seed planted in fertile soil, which will in due time put forth sprouts which will force their way gradually into the sunlight of consciousness, where they will put forth leaves, blossom, and fruit. Many of the fragments of truth which will be presented to you will not be recognized by you at this time, but in years to come you will recognize the verity of the impressions which will be conveyed to you in these lessons, and then, and then only, will you make these truths your own.


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