Fracture Mechanics: Properties, Patterns and Behaviours

58d8dd92aca1d.jpg Author Lucas Maximo Alves
Isbn 9789535127086
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Year 2016
Pages 315
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Book Description:

This book covers a wide range of application of fracture mechanics in materials science, engineering, rock prospecting, dentistry and medicine. The book is aimed towards materials scientists, metallurgists, mechanical and civil engineers, doctors and dentists and can also be well used in education, research and industry.

This book is a collection of 13 chapters divided into seven sections: Section I: "General Foundations of the Stress Field and Toughness" with one chapter, Section II: "Fractography and Impact Analysis" with two chapters, Section III: "Toughness Fracture" with three chapters, Section IV: "Fracture Behavior" with two chapters, Section V: "Natural and Hydraulic Fractures" with two chapters, section VI: "Fatigue" with one chapter and Section VII: "Fracture Biomaterials and compatible" with two chapters.

1 A Fractal Model of the Stress Field Around a Rough Crack
2 On the Fractography of Impact-Tested Samples of Al-Si Alloys for Automotive Alloys
3 Fractography on Rigid Ceramics with Ultra-High-Molecular- Weight Polyethylene Fabric after Ballistic Impacts
4 Fracture Toughness of Ferritic Steels in the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Region
5 Toughening of Low-Alloy Steel by Ultrafine-Grained Structure (Development of Fracture Control from Microstructure Design)
6 Toughness Assessment and Fracture Mechanism of Brittle Thin Films Under Nano-Indentation
7 Fracture Behavior Evaluation of High-Strength 7050 and 7075 Aluminum Alloys Using V-Notched Specimen
8 The Strain Energy Release Rate for Stack of Coated Conductors with Interface Crack in Perpendicular Magnetic Field
9 Analysis of Interaction Between Hydraulic and Natural Fractures
10 Laboratory Investigations of Hydraulic Fractures in Naturally Fractured Formations
11 Fatigue Crack Propagation Rates Prediction Using Probabilistic Strain‐Based Models
12 Investigation of Mechanical Behaviour of a Bioceramic
13 Fracture Mechanics in Adhesive Dentistry


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