Free as Gods : How the Jazz Age Reinvented Modernism

0051227b_medium Author Charles A. Riley II
Isbn 1611688507
File size 5.4MB
Year 2017
Pages 297
Language English
File format PDF
Category Art

Book Description:

A stimulating book, partly because it takes a different approach to its subject, Paris in the 1920s, than many other books. And it looks at some of the lesser-known, or less talked about, writers and others who were around, but perhaps not noticeably so

By Charles Riley

If you are an aficionado of jazz, of writers like Hemingway and Fitzgerald, of artists like Picasso and , this book is for you. Riley’s amazing in-depth knowledge of the arts in the decade between WWI and the Depression will astound and delight the reader. He delves into the “cross-pollenization” of all the creative artists living in Paris during this momentous time, and meticulously ties all their influences together. Who knew that jazz music influence ballet, and vice-versa? Or that artists and writers collaborated together and fed each other’s creative impulses? It was a pleasure to read little-known and amusing and heart-wrenching vignettes about favorite writers, musicians, dancers, and artists and their many interactions and achievements. Riley recreates a vibrant world that makes readers wish they, too, could have been in Paris, participating and observing these groundbreaking and lasting artistic accomplishments that have helped to shape our artistic world today. The legacy of those years is truly done justice by Riley’s scholarship and his accessible prose.


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