FRETBOARD of FIFTHS: Blues Guitar Study Plan One

5a74fb4e368d9.jpg Author Dean Gregory
Isbn 9781520800332
File size 1.49MB
Year 2017
Pages 29
Language English
File format PDF
Category Music

Book Description:

Stop studying a CIRCLE of Fifths, when you can teach yourself guitar using the Fretboard of Fifths. LEARN guitar ON the guitar. The Fifths put the 'Power' in Power Chords, the '5' in the I-IV-V, and they're what made the chord wheel a circle. Perfect Fifths are actually one of the best practice tools available. We quickly hear about them in music theory, learn how to use them for key changes, but basically forget about them from there… after all, they’re so simple. However, if we start to incorporate them back into our daily routines, funny things start to happen. Scales aren’t as hard to learn, licks are easier to play, and improvisation isn't scary anymore. It’s the most popular harmonic interval available for the crowd’s ears too and it’s sitting right at your fingertips. Add perfect fifths to your arsenal; just make sure it’s on the fretboard from now on. Blues Guitar, Study Plan One: C Major Pentatonic and C Blues Exercises. Stop studying a CIRCLE when you LEARN on a fretboard.


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