Poker Workbook: Hand Reading For Live Players Vol 1

Amazing Product! James' new Poker Workbook opens the door to range analysis starting with examining your own ranges in game situations in part 1, Villains ranges in part 2 and range vs range in part 3. Each chapter begins with instructions and diagrams to get you going. The amazing thing about the book is that it can be reused as your game grows and your assumptions change. You can revisit the hands and come to a different conclusion...

Building a Bankroll Full Ring Edition

The thing about poker is that if you are not careful, you read material from high level stuff that may be important in a different game, but miss the rock sold foundations that are the beginnings. This book helps with those beginnings. It helped my game a large amount.

Gambling Disorders in Women

"An outstanding treatise written by two highly respected clinical academic women tackling the important but often neglected or overshadowed topic of female problem gambling. In this respect, the book remains essential readings for anyone interested in gaining an in-depth and comprehensive perspective of the influence and experiences generated by problem gambling on the lives of women across multiple European, North American, African ...

Gambling: Risk Factors, Prevalence and Treatment Outcomes

Gambling is a public health problem characterized by persistent and recurrent maladaptive patterns of gambling. There is a social incentive to reduce current gambling problems and prevent future gambling addiction. In this book, Chapter One begins with an analysis of the risk factors, prevalence, pathophysiology and discusses treatment options for pathological gambling. Chapter Two provides a review on the idea that games should be t...

1000 Best Poker Strategies and Secrets

Poker is currently the hottest card game in America--from novice players involved in poker night to professionals earning millions in nationally televised poker tournaments. 1000 Best Poker Strategies and Secrets is the book readers need to give them the competitive edge over other their competition and help them walk away winners. Packed full of poker secrets, strategies and step-by-step instruction from professional poker champion ...

Gangsters to Governors

Generations ago, gambling in America was an illicit activity, dominated by gangsters like Benny Binion and Bugsy Siegel. Today, forty-eight out of fifty states permit some form of legal gambling, and America’s governors sit at the head of the gaming table. But have states become addicted to the revenue gambling can bring? And does the potential of increased revenue lead them to place risky bets on new casinos, lotteries, and online g...

Scarne on Card Games

In language every amateur player can understand, card expert John Scarne provides instruction for playing dozens of card games — from Gin Rummy, Canasta, and Stud Poker to Faro, Red Dog, and Chemin de Fer. Besides the official rules and tables of probabilities and percentages, the book also contains some 60 pages of information on how to detect cheating. "You won't find anywhere a more detailed, exact and sound book on any of the sub...

Luck, Logic, and White Lies: The Mathematics of Games

The mathematical underpinnings of games, whether they are strategic or games of chance, have been known for centuries, but are usually only understood by players and aficionados who have a background in mathematics. The author has succeeded in making that knowledge accessible, entertaining, and useful to everyone who likes to play and win. The information applies to such diverse and popular games as Roulette, Monopoly™, Chess, Go, nu...

Learn to Play Bridge in a Weekend

Embarking on a new sport or leisure activity can be daunting, with so much to come to grips with and so little time in which to learn .The "Learn in a Weekend" series confronts these problems by offering highly structured courses for the beginner, which can be completed in two days. Each book is devised by an expert and offers instruction devoted to one activity. The combination of concise text and clear visuals should transform even...