The Game Narrative Toolbox

589ff5a10c4a5.jpg Author Tobias Heussner
Isbn 9781138787087
File size 7MB
Year 2015
Pages 264
Language English
File format PDF
Category Information Technologies

Book Description:

Learn how to create compelling game storylines.

Four experiencednarrative designers from different genres of game developmenthave banded together tocreate this all-inclusive guide on what it's like to work as a writer and narrative designer in the videogame industry. From concept to final testing, The Game Narrative Toolboxwalks readers through what role a narrative designer plays on a development team and what the requirements are at every stage of development. Drawing onreal experiences, authors Tobias Heussner, Toiya Finley,Ann Lemay, and Jennifer Hepler provideinvaluable advice for writing compelling player-centered stories and effective dialogue trees in orderto help readers make the switch from prose- or screen- writing to interactive. Accompanying every chapter are exercises that allow the reader to develop their own documentation, outlines, and game-dialogue samples for use in applying for industry jobs or developing independent projects.

This first installment of Focal Press's Game Design Workshops series is a must-have for individuals looking to create captivating storylines for games.



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