Why a Gay Person Can't be Made Un-Gay

The Truth About Reparative Therapies

5710dbc5813a0.jpg Author Martin Kantor
Isbn 9781440830747
File size 1.9 Mb
Year 2014
Pages 252
Language English
File format PDF
Category Relationships

Book Description:

Despite an abysmal "success rate," practitioners still use reparative therapy in an attempt to turn gays and lesbians straight. This text exposes the pitfalls that should be considered before gays embark on this journey that typically leads nowhere.
• Presents thorough descriptions of the various reparative therapies, contrasts these techniques with traditional therapy, and exposes the faulty theoretical bases of this form of treatment

• Details the author psychiatrist's unsuccessful 5-year-long therapeutic attempt to change his own homosexuality

• Provides essential information that gays and their parents need to know before embarking on what the author feels is a futile course of changing sexual orientation. The content will enlighten politicians and reparative therapists themselves as well

• Supplies an essential, informed counterpoint to the existing literature on reparative therapy


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