Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

An Introduction to the Fastest-Selling Computer in the World

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi: An Introduction to the Fastest-Selling Computer in the World Author Matt Richardson, Shawn Wallace, and Wallace
Isbn 9781680452464
File size 45MB
Year 2016
Pages 206
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hardware

Book Description:

The Raspberry Pi was originally conceived as an inexpensive,mcredit card sized computer to be used to get children introduced to the workings of computers. The idea was to make it inexpensive and easy to do something other than use the comouter to play games. It is an incredible success!! Since the RPi uses Linux, it is also a great way to learn about Linux.

This book is a great introduction to take the user from the beginning stages up to intermediate stages. It starts you with plugging everything up, getting online, and downloading and setting up your operating system. Then it tells how to find additional programs to download, install and use and even provides an introduction to Python programming.

It is written in straightforward language so that anyone with some knowledge of computers can be successful with it. I think it would help to be reasonably comfortable with Windows or Mac computers, but you don't have to be an engineer to understand. The book is very much in keeping with the target audince for the Raspberry Pi.

It looks to me like it can be used with all kf the Raspberry Pi versions, including the new Pi3.

Anyone from about middle school age on up should be able to use this book quite successfully,,especially if they are already interested in and comfortable with computers.

The Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest version of this computer and is amazingly powerful when coupled with Linux. I think this book is an ideal companion to the RPi and would mae the perfect addition to a RPi kit. Maybe for a Christmas gift??


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