Great Leaders: Ronald Reagan By The Editors Of New Word City

57ab2caa8636a.jpg Author The s of New Word City
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Year 2014
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Book Description:

He was an unlikely president - dismissed by opponents as a mere movie actor, a conservative trying to undo the work of big-government liberals. But Ronald Reagan made it to the White House, taking office in a time of economic turmoil and uneasy relations with foreign powers. Despite these obstacles, Reagan's patriotism, quick wit, and sunny optimism lifted the nation's spirit. An effective leader who understood the power of words, stagecraft, and symbolism, he was a paradoxical blend of ideology and pragmatism. Even as he ratcheted up the Cold War with the Soviet Union, he embarked on a series of summits with Mikhail Gorbachev that helped diffuse the arms race. When he left office, prosperity had returned and the Soviet state had collapsed. Here, in this short-form book, is the story of his life, with lessons for leaders of all stripes.


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