Hanging Chart: Yin-Yang Bagua Zhang Palm: Mangxing Shuanghuan Zhang Palm

004f082f_medium Author Chen Xiaomei and Yu Shenquan
Isbn 9787505405288
File size 0.7MB
Year 1998
Pages English
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

Based on the Shaolin Quan boxing, the plays imitate animal actions and movements. The whole routines, including hand, body and foot plays, are inseparable from the changes of the palm plays. This set of pictures will enable readers to learn and master the moves of this form with consistent practice. Its very speciffic characteristic is that any part of the body should combine harmoniously with the other parts in each change of palm. Even though Baguazhang is an internal sytstem of the Chinese Martial Arts, you will find some similarities with Shaolin Quan techniques.


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