Hanok: The Korean House

56d637d43567e.jpg Author Nani Park and Robert J. Fouser
Isbn 9780804844673
File size 7.7 MB
Year 2015
Pages 176
Language English
File format PDF
Category Architecture

Book Description:

"Hanok: The Korean House is a work of art in itself. This book lets us step into an underground world of Korean interior design, one that has adapted to contemporary culture while also preserving traditional elements of Korean architecture and style."

"The book by award-winning illustrator and art educator Nani Park takes readers inside 12 beautiful hanok in Korea."

In recent decades, few nations have transformed themselves as radically as Korea. Amid Seoul's glass-and-steel skyscrapers and luxury apartments, however, the traditional Korean home or Hanok is experiencing a surprising renaissance.

Hanok: The Korean House showcases twelve very special Hanok that reflect today's Korea—a country that's putting a modern twist on traditional values. While the exteriors of these houses are indistinguishable from Hanok built decades ago, the interior designs have been completely updated.

Traditional materials of stone, wood, and clay are still the only components used in these houses. They also incorporate natural elements such as wind and sunlight, and baesanimsu—known in Chinese as feng shui—used to position the Hanok in harmony with the natural forces and geographical features of the site. But many of these new Hanok owners are architects who have incorporated open floor plans and cutting-edge architectural elements to create a more functional home.


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