Harry Morgan's Way: (Non-Fiction)

The Biography Of Sir Henry Morgan 1635-1688

5bdff12793f25.jpg Author Dudley Pope
Isbn 0436377357
File size 1.54MB
Year 2013
Pages 445
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biography

Book Description:

'Morgan the Pirate' is a name long associated with all the trappings of pirate living - skull and crossbones, pieces of eight, speeding ships, almost in fact 'with a yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum'. As legend has it, his was a life of high adventure, dastardly battles and more than a few gold coins thrown in, collected by underhand means of course.

Yet if this legend is true, why did Charles II knight him at the height of his career and why was he given the exalted position of governor of Jamaica? In this authoritative biography, Dudley Pope lays to rest this popularised image and resurrects the man behind the myth. He reveals the real Henry Morgan to have been a brave and honourable soldier and a master tactician, with a vital role to play in world history. Pope brilliantly captures the political and historical events of the seventeenth-century Caribbean, and shows how, without Morgan's involvement, the course of Jamaica's history would have been very different. This is a masterly, definitive biography bringing together all the thrill of pirate life at sea with the true story of a remarkable soldier and buccaneer.


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