Herbal Remedies Guide: Uses Of 100 Herb For Common Ailments

57fac8ed137ff.jpg Author Miss Angela Curtis
Isbn 978-1481146371
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Year 2013
Pages 34
Language English
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Book Description:

Herbal Remedies Guide: Uses Of 100 Herbs For Common Ailments Step-by-Step Guide For Using Herbal Remedies This book is designed to highlight the real effects that herbal remedies can have on the human body. The most popular herbs are outlined along with a few that are not so well known. The main point is that they are highlighted for their properties and the positive effects that they can have on particular illnesses. A lot of the herbs are typically found in your local supermarket and may even be used for everyday cooking purposes. The fact is that they are not hard to find and once taken under the guidance of a qualified herbalist or doctor can do wonders for alleviating whichever illness you may have. Nowadays people are opting to go with the more natural options which include herbal remedies. As the effects of chemically manufactured medications are much worse sometimes fatal it is much easier to go with an option that works just as effectively and is one hundred percent natural. As the world moves toward health and wellness, the herbs highlighted in the book will become more prevalent in many courses of treatment that is prescribed for people. Even traditional doctors are starting to include natural remedies in their treatment plans. After all, chemically based medicines all came from herbs didn’t they!


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