Historical Dictionary of Egypt

(Historical Dictionaries of Africa)

59bf6b00d52c6.jpg Author Jr. Goldschmidt Arthur and Robert Johnston
Isbn 9780810848566
File size 25.58MB
Year 2003
Pages 552
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

This meticulous reference work will, like its precursors, become a valuable reference tool for everyone who needs accurate and timely information about Egypt, one of the most important countries in today's Middle East. Written by an established research scholar and an experienced reference librarian, this third edition includes maps of the country, a chronology of major historical events from the Arab conquest to the current Middle East crisis, a general historical synopsis, the actual dictionary, a comprehensive bibliography of books and articles in Arabic as well as in English and French, a table of Egyptian weights and measures, a listing of old and new military ranks in the Egyptian armed services, and a list of rulers and heads of government from 1878 to the present. The actual dictionary contains biographical entries on Egyptians and foreigners who have played a major role in Egypt's modern history, as well as entries explaining the country's major political and religious movements, professions, economic activities, forms of industrial production, leading agricultural products, irrigation, means of transport and communications, social organizations, feminist movements, educational institutions, significant historical incidents, relationships with neighboring states and with foreign military occupations, nationalist revolutions, minorities and foreign communities, and forms of literary and cultural expression (including cinema, drama, and the visual arts). Many new entries reflect events that have taken place or concerns that have arisen since the publication of the second edition in 1994. Every scholar and journalist specializing in the Middle East and all reference libraries need to have a copy of this comprehensive work about modern Egypt.

Back cover copy:

Throughout the ages, Egypt has been a key to Africa and the Middle East. That was true in the past and is still true today, although Egypt’s influence and role have varied over time. During the modern period, it was ruled by a series of often


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