Homoeopathy as Art and Science

(The Beaconsfield homoeopathic library)

5960759ccfa61.jpg Author Della DesRosiers, Elizabeth Wright Hubbard, and Maesimund B. Panos
Isbn 9780906584262
File size 4.55MB
Year 1990
Pages 344
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

Homoeopathy is a science and an art of medicine. It differs from conventional medicine mainly in its concept of disease as a protective explosion - in acute instances as a protective attempt at exteriorization, and in many chronic diseases as an expression of symptoms (especially functional symptoms) asking for a remedy. It is based on the law of similars, first recorded by Hippocrates and developed into a system of medicine by Hahnemann, which states that 'likes cure likes'.


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