Hot Corel Programs Keyboard Shortcuts. (Shortcut Matters) (Volume 26)

Hot Corel Programs Keyboard Shortcuts. (Shortcut Matters) (Volume 26) Author U. C-Abel Books
Isbn 9785457486
File size 3.78MB
Year 2017
Pages 172
Language English
File format PDF
Category Software

Book Description:

Use Corel program with keyboard shortcuts
Corel Corporation made things easy for her customers.
Corel programs have changed many things in computing.
The truth remains that many operators will see Corel products as complicated and difficult if they are not creative and willing to learn. We have done many wow jobs with Corel programs. Now we have taken time to write this book so you can get good a reference and a head start with it.
This book is ready to teach you all of the following:
15 keyboard shortcuts every computer user should know, Basics of Keyboard, Mousing, Keyboard, and Shortcuts; Navigation with keyboard shortcuts, Function key Reference, Utility tools, Drawing and Painting Tools, Step Panel Shortcuts, timeline Shortcuts, Multi-trim Video Shortcuts, Creating Presentations, Editing Presentations, Running Presentations, plus many more.
Software developers are no teachers, you need to work hard and educate yourself if you want to have something wonderful come from the Corel programs you use, and Shortcut Matters is here to give you shortcuts and tips you need to begin. It’s very simple, just get your copy.


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