How To Paint Seascapes

5624f43c170a8.jpg Author Tom Swimm
Isbn 978-1600610592
File size 14.9 MB
Year 1991
Pages 227
Language English
File format PDF
Category Drawing

Book Description:

If seascapes are your interest, this is one nice book to start with. I haven't had a chance to do anything from the book, but the instructions are very easy to follow. And you don't really need just acrylics. A good book to have.

I was glad to see lots of pictures demonstrating how to do the basic seaside scenes. The directions were simple to follow and there was a variety I enjoyed. I love the seaside and was excited to see this book so I could capture the memories I love. The directions were step by step, though I think some experience in painting would be helpful in completing the paintings.


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