IBM Big data Strategy for fraud detection

59ae1de138ee6.jpg Author Prithviraj Chauhan
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Year 2017
Pages 16
Language English
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Book Description:

The big data manages the data complexity through driving three key elements around managing volume, velocity and variety. The big data enable effective understanding around complex data and manage the speed of change. Big data technology manages huge data size in billions and trillions, able to recognize various data sources and manage the changes effectively by deploying various tools.
The report aim to provide comprehensive analysis around use case i.e. Fraud detection applications enabled by IBM in context with big data. The various aspects around big data strategy and its objective are defined so that it can be linked with big data supporting MDM and analysis to drive DS&BI (Decision support and Business intelligence). The report also focuses on defining various sources of data to be used for big data and detailing out complete technology stack.


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