On Immigration and Refugees (Thinking in Action)

57b84c5cc3f02.jpg Author Michael Dummett
Isbn 9780415227087
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Year 2015
Pages 176
Language English
File format PDF
Category Philosophy

Book Description:

Michael Dummett, philosopher and social critic, was one of the sharpest and most prominent commentators and campaigners for the fair treatment of immigrants and refugees in Britain and Europe. This book insightfully draws together his thoughts on this major issue for the first time.


Exploring the confused and often highly unjust thinking about immigration, Dummett then carefully questions the principles and justifications governing state policies, pointing out that they often conflict with the rights of refugees as laid down by the Geneva Convention. With compelling and often moving examples, On Immigration and Refugees points a new way forward for humane thinking and practice about a problem we cannot afford to ignore.



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