Indigenous People

004cc810_medium Author Purushothaman Venkatesan
Isbn 9789535134824
File size 13MB
Year 2017
Pages 182
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

1 Usages and Customs of the Indigenous Communities in Favour of the Reduction of the Digital Divide: A Case Study of the Ñuu Savi People
2 The Indigenous School: A Space of Ruptures and Tensions within Local Culture
3 Landscape of Resistance: The Fronts of Economic Expansion and the Xavante Indigenous People—Brazil
4 Analysing Environment-Development Interventions Through the Lens of Indigenous People in Cameroon by Mbunya Francis Nkemnyi
5 Indigenous Resource Management Practices and the Local Social-Cultural Context: An Insight towards Self-Directed Resource Management
6 Empowering Namibian Indigenous People through Entrepreneurship: The Case from the Nama People
7 Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Appropriate Technology Development
8 Revisiting Indigenous Biotic and Abiotic Weather Forecasting for Possible Integration with Scientific Weather Prediction: A Case from the Borana People of South Ethiopia
9 Role of Traditional Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Indigenous Institutions in Sustainable Land Management in Western Highlands of Kenya


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