Inside Reagan's Navy : The Pentagon Journals

51WAxYah2BL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Chase Untermeyer
Isbn 9781623492120
File size 11.7MB
Year 2015
Pages 352
Language English
File format PDF
Category Politics and Sociology

Book Description:

Having read Chase Untermeyer's previous books and most relevantly, “When Things Went Right”, I anticipated an honest insider's perspective during a critical and transformational era in our nation’s history. “Inside Reagan’s Navy” produced as expected and then some (more on that later). Though a "politician" by trade, Chase carries none of the negative characteristics some might connect to that title. He is honest, unpretentious, charming, and witty. The first two provide the substance to both novels and that is an unbiased insider's perspective. The praise he doles out is warranted by substance and with example and not by party affiliation. The criticism of others is not based on ego but on cited shortfalls. His books are for those of any or no party affiliation. Chase's humor and charm make for an easy and enjoyable read.

I served on Chase's staff when he was Ambassador to Qatar; from that experience I thought I had learned all I would know about professionalism and leadership by example, but alas, I was wrong. And that brings me to my comment that this book was "even more" than an insider's view. If I were a librarian or bookseller, Inside Reagan's Navy would be placed in the Leadership Section. There is a great deal to learn from how he handled controversy both above and below his command. Pay particular attention to the part of the cartoon on his secretary's bulletin board and the last few pages of the book.

Read this book and then send copies to those interested in history, the military, current leaders and those to aspire to lead.


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