Introduction To Oil And Gas Operational Safety

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Isbn 9780415730778
File size 8.3 MB
Year 2015
Pages 228
Language English
File format PDF
Category Science

Book Description:

Wise Global Training is a company dedicated to providing quality health and safety training in a variety of formats including eLearning and classroom based courses as well as webinars.

Aligned directly to the NEBOSH syllabus, this book covers the breadth and depth of oil and gas operational safety. This book guides the reader through the principles of how to manage operational risks, carefully conveying a technical subject in a clear, concise manner that readers will find comfortable to read and understand.

Written in full colour by a highly experienced team who have many years’ experience within the field, this book is undoubtedly an essential tool to enhance your understanding of operational safety within the oil and gas industry.


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  • ibikunle laniyan 18/01/2018 at am6:47

    Can you send them the free oil ebooks to my mail.pls,then how do one import from Russian Refineries And the banks that help after raising letter of credit for the import.

  • Misbah 29/03/2018 at am1:31

    good book, thnks alot

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