Jamaican Cakes: Most Popular Breads, Puddings, And Cakes

57cb4ecf6bf13.jpg Author MiQuel Marvin Samuels
Isbn 9789769581012
File size 6.2 MB
Year 2015
Pages 140
Language English
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Category Cookbooks

Book Description:

In this cookbook, I will give you pictures and recipes with instructions of the most popular Jamaican cakes people are eating today. Few of the recipes will be authentic, others traditional Jamaican. By using coconut milk and healthier oil, in small ways, I am advocating new healthy alternative baking Jamaican cakes. JAMAICAN CAKES RECIPES INCLUDES: (1) Angel Cake (2) Banana Bread | Coconut Milk verse Cows’ Milk (3) Birthday Cake (4) Black forest Layered Cake (5) Caribbean Pineapple Cream Cheese (6) Caribbean Plain Cake (7) Caribbean Pound Cake (8) Carrot Cake Peanut Frosting (9) Cassava Pudding (10) Cheesecake (11) Chocolate Layered Cake (12) Chocolate Raspberry Marble Cake (13) Christmas Cake (Fruit Cake) (14) Coconut Peanut Cake (15) Coconut Pudding (16) Coffee Cake (Caribbean method) (17) Coffee Chocolate Cheesecake (18) Cornbread (Caribbean method) (19) Cornmeal Pudding (20) Easter Bun with Stout (method#1 of 3) (21) Easter Bun non-alcoholic (method#2 of 3) (22) Jamaican Hardough Bread (23) MiQuels’ Ginger Cake (24) Old Fashion Easter Bun (method#3 of 3) (25) Pineapple Upside Down Apple Shortcake (26) Rum and Raisins Cake (27) Spice Bun (28) Sponge Cake (29) Sweet Potato Pudding (30) Toto Cake (31) Tutti-Fruitti Cake (32) Types of Butters, Oils and Shortening (33) Measurements Equivalents (34) Conclusion | Oven Conversion Chart I do not buy cakes, nor eat much. Nevertheless, using healthy cooking oils instead butter with coconut milk works for me. Doing this book, I learned butter can be organic and is real food. Who remembered real butter taste? That real flavor of real cow’s milk, no additives, which developed good dairy products. Butters today, my opinion are not healthy, whether package said so. Industries are taking natural calories form real food, and then adding unreal vitamins to processed food passing as real food. Buy these cookbooks: JAMAICAN DINNERS, JAMAICAN BREAKFASTS, and JAMAICAN SOUPS. Here is bake-book, JAMAICAN CAKES.


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