JavaScript Programming Pattern: Looping intelligence

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JavaScript Programming Pattern: Looping intelligence Author Mohmad Yakub
File size 5.60MB
Year 2019
Pages 363
Language English
File format PDF
Category Software

Book Description:

According to me this book is worth buying. I bought this book after I read the sample pdf.I am a Web Development teacher from the past 3 years and i was finding a good resource from where i can build the logic of my students. The book concentrates more on the logic part rather than the javascript programming language. The book had many amazing parts where you will see blank pages in between saying "left blank intentionally" leaving an impact to try some problems by yourself(i really loved this part).As you go further you will see that how the author has simplified the logical thinking part.The book uses tables to build logic that is really easy to understand for a beginner. At last i would say this can be your first book to get started with programming.
SUGGESTION: Every school/college should have a few copies of this book to create interest in the subject of programming and to well-grounded, the logical thinking from the very beginning.We know that no programmer can escape from programming logic.


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