Lean Implementation in Hospital Departments

How to Move from Good to Great Services

Lean Implementation in Hospital Departments: How to Move from Good to Great Services Author A. Heri Iswanto
Isbn 0367145529
File size 3MB
Year 2019
Pages 154
Language English
File format PDF
Category Medicine

Book Description:

Lean healthcare is waste elimination in every service area with the goal of reducing inventory, cycle time of service, and cost, so that high-quality patient care can be provided in a way that is as efficient, as effective, and as responsive as possible while retaining the financial integrity of a hospital. The Lean philosophy in healthcare demands a person’s attitude, in all aspects of care, understand the process which happens, observe it, and gather information in order to identify the root of an inefficiency of the process. In short, Lean and its emphasis on efficiency can be a critical tool in the management of health services in hospitals around the world. This book provides guidance and examples on how Lean principles can be implemented into the infrastructure and every day operations of a hospital from the emergency room to hospital facilities and maintenance.


The book also demonstrates how Lean is the cultural commitment of organizations to implement the scientific method in designing, conducting, and improving work sustainably through teamwork, bringing in better value and satisfaction to the patient. It shortens the time between ordering and service delivery by eliminating waste from the service flow value. The author uses numerous examples of Lean thinking in various hospital departments with the overall of goal of taking that department from good to great.


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