Learn Guitar the Easy Way: The easy way to play guitar using simplified chords

5a44550420073.jpg Author Paolo Ocampo
Isbn 9781520703619
File size 8.71MB
Year 2017
Pages 119
Language English
File format PDF
Category Music

Book Description:

Have you ever wanted to play the guitar but didn't know where to start? I know, with so many guitar websites and blogs out there, it's so easy to get overwhelmed. I created this book, Learn Guitar the Easy Way to teach everyday people how to play the guitar. No, I won't be teaching you how to play the Flamenco, or shred the guitar like Carlos Santana - that would take years, even decades to master. What you'll learn is a simpler but equally fun way of playing the guitar - using simplified guitar chords! What are guitar chords, you say? Go to the Youtubes and search for [any song you like] + acoustic cover. See those guys playing the guitar and singing? Yep, they're using guitar chords. So if you want to be able to jam with your kids, or your friends, or become the next Youtube sensation - this book is for you. Guitar Chords are really super easy to learn - all you need to do is memorize the 12 Major Chords, that's it. It's actually even easier, because it's really just seven chords - two of them are movable and can be used to generate the other chords (more on that later at the Movable Chords section). From those 12 Major Chords, you can derive many Chord Variations. These Chord Variations are derived using simple and easy to understand formulas. With these major chords and its common variations, you can play most of the songs that you hear on the radio today. What's more, I'll teach you how to use The Circle of Fifths and Chord Progressions to predict what chords will be used on any given song. This is the foundation of learning how to play the guitar by ear. In this book you'll learn: • How to tune your guitar • How to play the 18 most commonly played chords • What are the 12 Major Keys • How to play the 12 Major Chords using Open and Bar Chords • How to use Movable Chords • How to Transpose Chords • How to spice up Major Chords with Chord Variations • Learn about Chord Progressions • Learn about the Circle of Fifths • Practice with sample songs and video playlists • Guitar playing tips • Software, Apps and Resources for Learning Guitar Are you excited yet? Go ahead and dig into this book, spend a few hours practicing, and impress your girlfriend or boyfriend already!


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