Legal Ways To Get Revenge On The Dating Scammer And Take All The Money Back!: How Much Do You Hate Liars?

5832addb05db0.jpg Author Galina Mazurenko
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Year 2016
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Book Description:

We worked many months for your getting these methods, and we are proud about it. You will be surprised how easy and, mostly important, without any publicity, you can get the money back. The money that was extorted by the beautiful Russian girl with whom you’ve met online (who is a fraud really). And in what way you can punish the scammer for emotional and financial disappointment without violation the law.

Believe, professional frauds do not care about feelings and emotions of the potential victim. They are attracted by profit and they are able to mislead people to get money perfectly. The income of such crooks sometimes is in millions. They attack men from different countries and different continents. That is why the fight with them is very difficult by legal means. Complaints to the police are always unsuccessful. Appellation to the authority responsible for the placement of online dating sites will, in the best case, give the closing of the scammer’s profile. To arrest a dirty and deceitful beast it is necessary to catch him at the moment of money transfer. But it is extremely difficult since all operations are made mostly by mail or by bank transfer.

After reading this book you will be able to administer justice independently. The uniqueness of our method is undeniable. You will be able to punish the offender and return the money this month. God bless you.


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