Life of the Rev. David Brainerd

Missionary to the North American Indians

Life of the Rev. David Brainerd: Missionary to the North American Indians Author Josiah Pratt
Isbn 9780511697906
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Year 2010
Pages 415
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biography

Book Description:

David Brainerd dedicated much of his short life to preaching the gospel to Native American peoples. Josiah Pratt's 1834 biography uses Brainerd's own journal and letters to examine the character of an extraordinary man and expose the discrepancy between Brainerd's self-lacerating writings and the exceptional fortitude made evident by his deeds. It includes Brainerd's moving and eloquent account of his own conversion, his chronic illness and the privations he suffered during a life he described as 'a constant mixture of consolations and conflicts'. This fascinating insight into the private thoughts and struggles of a remarkable figure charts his ceaseless pursuit of God and the battle between his inexhaustible religious fervour and his chronic physical infirmity. The book also includes Brainerd's reflections on the process of conversion and the signs of godliness, and his description of the difficulties he faced in converting Native Americans.


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