Linux Driver Development for Embedded Processors

Learn to develop Linux embedded drivers with kernel 4.9 LTS

Linux Driver Development for Embedded Processors Author Alberto Liberal de los Ríos
Isbn 9781729321829
File size 9.57MB
Year 2018
Pages 680
Language English
File format PDF
Category Information Technologies

Book Description:

This book is perfect for engineers and students who want to start developing Linux embedded drivers without having any previous knowledge about it; it's like attending a full Linux Embedded driver training but with the cost of a textbook. The book starts developing very simple drivers and increases the driver's functionality in the next chapters, but without reaching a level of complexity that could stop the reading throughout the book.
The source code of the drivers is fully explained in each lab's driver section, unlike other books that assume many parts of the source code without explaining them in detail.
This book does not focus on the development of complex kernel frameworks more suitable for kernel developers, but on the development of drivers that control external devices or sensors that communicate via SPI or I2C, as well as drivers that control GPIOs, manage interrupts and need to control internal registers of the processor.
It is also very interesting that the book explains how to develop each driver on three different processors, since it allows to verify how easy it is to adapt the same driver to different platforms.
Even if your target is not to develop drivers, the book has a great value for those engineers who need to understand the functionality of the device tree to multiplex to different functions the GPIOs of the processor or add a missing SPI, I2C controller or other peripheral to the device tree.


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