The Literature Of Northern Ireland: Spectral Borderlands

562d887884e95.jpg Author Maureen E. Ruprecht Fadem
Isbn 9781137474742
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Year 2015
Pages 232
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Book Description:

Provocative, challenging, and sometimes daring, Maureen E. Ruprecht Fadem's The Literature of Northern Ireland explores the unique position of the Irish writer in Northern Ireland. In attending to both historical contexts and contemporary narratives, Fadem not only invites us to consider the intersection between the creative, the critical, and the material, but also the extent to which particular forms of agency and disempowerment have shaped Irish literature. This much-needed collective assessment of the various films, plays, poems, and narratives produced by these powerful Irish women artists and writers, is sure to stir critical and political emotions, both in Ireland and internationally
The Literature of Northern Ireland: Spectral Borderlands theorizes how Irish cultural production has been disturbed by partition. Maureen Ruprecht Fadem argues that the rearrangement of the island and creation of multiple states produced two major effects in the North: it incited concomitant fractures within self and society and interrupted experiences of place. Chapters analyze the ways in which conditions are represented in the literature through a self-contradictory poetics that fuses ancient and contemporary literary styles. Age-old Irish tropes are deployed within recognizably postmodern styles in works that rely, particularly, on specter and scrim: haunting, deathly characters and metaphors and perilous, pivotal borders.


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