London Deco: Residences: Part 1: Suburbia

(A Hidden City Guide to London's Art Deco Architecture)

597d766ee0f2e.jpg Author Gregory Edwards
File size 16.67MB
Year 2017
Pages 163
Language English
File format PDF
Category Architecture

Book Description:

How is British Art Deco different from European or American Art Deco? This book provides a revealing key. In this volume of the series, 'London Deco: Residences, Part 1: Suburbia', profusely illustrated with photographs, you will discover the variety of Art Deco apartments – known as blocks of flats in Britain – in the vast suburban ring that surrounds central London. Divided into West, North, East and South segments, it also includes a few Art Deco buildings that have been repurposed into residences. Take a journey into a part of this great city that you never knew existed.

In between the two world wars London rebuilt itself and expanded with new styles in all directions. Outside of the famous Art Deco buildings in this city such as the Hoover Factory, and the factories on the Great North Road, and the Ideal Radiator building, there were countless buildings constructed here between the wars, and even some after, that have Art Deco qualities. The 'London Deco' series attempts to give a full picture of just how much there is still here. Explore the city’s many Art Deco buildings in this new series being created by award winning author Gregory Edwards.


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