Lu Style Xinyi Liuhe Quan for Beginners

21frSMjMN6L._BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Yu Jiang
Isbn 9787537735032
File size 23.27MB
Year 2001
Language Chinese
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

Lu Style Xinyi Liuhe Quan Rumen.
Xinyi Quan Creator - Fei Yue
The Earliest Ancestor of Lu Style Xinyi Quan in ShangHai-Master Songgao Lu
The Chairman of the Association of the Lu style Xinyi Quan- Master ShuwenWang
Basic Technology
The Summary on Lu style Xinyi Quan
Techniques and Postures
Ba and Quan
Six Body Postures
By-talk on the Beginning
Lying Cannon
Stand and Swing
Chicken Slip
Swing Cannon
Chicken Seeking Food in the Cold
Towering Cannon
Bear Exits its Den
Straight Cannon (Punch Straight, Twist Hands)
Chicken Step
Closing (Eagle Grabbing and Tiger Pouncing)
Dragon Adjust its Shoulders
Wind over the Ground (Stance, one side)
Carp Jump (Stance)
Palm Cat Climbs a Tree (Stance)


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