Magic Tricks, Science Facts

Magic Tricks, Science Facts Author Robert Friedhoffer
Isbn 9780531109021
File size 27.3MB
Year 1990
Pages 126
Language English
File format PDF
Category Games

Book Description:

The close links between magic and science are explored in this well-done, easily understood book. The physics tricks deal with subjects such as force, friction, gravity, and magnetism. The chemistry stunts are prefaced with a warning to use extreme caution and adult assistance. Some of the math tricks use cards; others feature mental magic. The physiology examples use the amazing mechanics of the body to perform the feats. The explanation of each magic trick consists of five parts: effect, routine, props, method, and note, making it simple to put together a whole performance. Effect explains what the audience thinks happens; routine explains pattern and movement to accompany the trick; props outlines the items required for the trick; method combines the first three with instructions to execute the performance; and note contains more information on why or how a trick works (the science part).


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