Arm-locks for All Styles

Iain Abernethy is pretty much "re-inventing" karate by returning to karate's roots. His bunkai (analysis) of the kata (forms) shows many moves that have lain "hidden" within the forms, exiled there by a generation or two of teachers who were taught to not ask questions. This book emphasizes the arm locks, shoulder locks and wrist grabs that ARE in the forms along with many different approaches to utilizing these techniques. Plenty of...

Total Aikido: The Master Course

"Total Aikido" is a VERY fine manual on Yoshinkan Aikido -- as founded by Gozo Shioda -- who trained deeply with Morihei Ueshiba starting before World War II. So, a very self-defense oriented Aikido is presented -- almost like a renewal of Aiki Jutsu Daitoryu -- even with nearly indentical technical terms. Yet, its Aiki as good as any -- in all methods presented -- as would be expected coming from Gozo Shioda -- who was barely over a...

Shotokan Karate International Kumite Kyohan

This book shows 9 groups of Kumite starting with Gohan and ending with Hyoteki through the use of more than 1.000 photosphotographs that show each attack and counter. Rei, Gohon Kumite, Sanbon Kumite, Kihon Ippon Kumite, Kaeshi Ippon Kumite, Jiyu Ippon Kumite, Okuri Jiyu Ippon Kumite, Happo Kumite, Jiyu Kumite, Hyoteki.

Lu Style Xinyi Liuhe Quan Intermediate

Lu Style Xinyi Liuhe Quan Kaiquan. Lu Style Xinyi is also named Shanghai Ten Big Forms, imitating the movements of ten types of animals: Rooster, Hawk, Swallow, Eagle, Tiger, Horse, Bear, Snake, Monkey and Dragon, and representing 10 human body shapes, such as Tall, Short, Fat, Thin and so on。It is not necessary to practice them in the order that is described in this book. You can choose one that most suits you and start with it. By...

Guillaume Morel, Frédéric Bouammache, "Protégor : Guide pratique de sécurité personnelle, self-défense et survie urbaine"

Contrairement aux autres ouvrages actuellement disponibles sur la self-défense, voici le premier manuel francophone qui traite en détail les trois aspects complémentaires que sont la sécurité personnelle, la self-défense et la survie urbaine. Les auteurs détaillent ces thèmes en trois parties distinctes ponctuées d'encarts pratiques, et illustrées de nombreuses photos et de schémas explicatifs : - la sécurité personnelle présente tou...

Shotokan Karate International Kata. Volume 2

purchased circa 1993 tight not read condition..slight wear on outside jacket...no dog ears, no marks...excellent used condition This edited collection contends that if women are to enter into leadership positions at equal levels with their male colleagues, then sexism in all its forms must be acknowledged, attended to, and actively addressed. This interdisciplinary collection―Surviving Sexism in Academia: Strategies for Feminist Lead...