Fluid BJJ: Scrawny "Middle Aged" Guy's Guide to Getting Submissions

This book is full of gems—not just technique, but even the concepts laid out at the beginning of the book are fantastic. I think Silver Fox has a really useful and effective approach to grappling that you can see in the successes of his students. He comes from one of the best camps on the planet in RGA and it shows. I have the DVD as well and would recommend his stuff to anybody, beginner to advanced.

Shotokan Karate International Kata. Volume 1

This is a book for all Shotokan students to have from the master kata man, his kicks, mind and spirit full details into the Karate World! I started out with Tsutomu Ohshima's translation of Karate Do Kyohan through SKA, then came across these years later throuhg SKIF before they were widely avaible to people outside Kanazawa's own organization. Both volumes include kata not covered in Karate Do Kyohan. When reviewing/learning Dan Gra...

Hanging Chart: Yin-Yang Bagua Zhang Palm: Mangxing Shuanghuan Zhang Palm

Based on the Shaolin Quan boxing, the plays imitate animal actions and movements. The whole routines, including hand, body and foot plays, are inseparable from the changes of the palm plays. This set of pictures will enable readers to learn and master the moves of this form with consistent practice. Its very speciffic characteristic is that any part of the body should combine harmoniously with the other parts in each change of palm. ...

Modern Army Combatives

Very interesting read about the evolution of current Army H2H from its driving force. Well written, well edited, and well illustrated. As a BJJ Black Belt and World Champion myself who's trained for 20 years, this is the real deal. We can all talk theory and simulate combat in competition, but the lessons learned from war are unassailable. Matt Larsen has put together a work that should be required reading for every solider and citiz...

Ultimate Kempo

This book is not to be read only, it is to be studied. The concepts presented are applicable from the novice to the expert. As you progress in your martial art and keep referring to and studying this text, more subtleties and techniques will become apparent and your applications in self defense will be much more effective. The book is well written, well illustrated and contains no "fluff". I highly recommend this book to any person s...

The Fence: The Art of Protection

Good book that focuses on real life, out in the street confrontations and how to avoid getting hurt and protecting yourself. Not about mindless violence, but tactical strategies to disable your attacker and get out. Geoff Thompson is a no bs fighter and presents his material clearly and logically. Some of the best material I've come across when it comes to solid street fighting. The principle of the fence should be incorporated in al...

Animal Day: Pressure Testing the Martial Arts

This is good for your beginner to fully dedicated fighters. Geoff trains for the real deal, not sport, not points, not my style better than yours. He has mastered the essentials for what you will need in a real fight and does not cuddle. Hardly any pictures except as necessary and very short. I know 20 year martial artists who have missed many of the really important things for a real fight. Geoff writes so that anyone can grasp it, ...

The Throws and Take-downs of Freestyle Wrestling

The book is not the higest production level but it is a decent starter book for the rules and concepts. In his ground fighting series, Geoff Thompson has drawn upon his many years of dealing with raw street violence to produce a series of books that take the martial arts and place them in the real world, making them the most reliable instruction on methods of self-defence. Ground fighting, the current favourite in the martial arts ar...

The Complete Ninja: The Secret World Revealed

Books by Hatsumi Sensei are replete with the abstract imaging and are profusely laced with the photographs which he has successfully used as an important teaching device. Although you may not be familiar with the Japanese language - sometimes a picture does "tell a story". As a practitioner of the Koryu and one of the most important gatherers of this knowledge in our era Hatsumi Sensei brings his immense experience and imagination to...

The Complete Book of Shaolin

In theory, Zen is the easiest. If you are ready, and just do this correctly - sit comfortably in a lotus position, close your eyes and keep your mind blank - you will achieve enlightenment, i.e. the greatest achievement any being can achieve, in an instant! But in actual practice, this approach may be the most difficult. It may sound odd, but sitting comfortably itself may not be easy! Some people cannot even sit comfortably on a cha...