Mastering the Endgame

(Pergamon Russian Chess Series)

5872631c6112b.jpeg Author Ken Neat, Leonid M. Slutsky, and Mikhail I. Shereshevsky
Isbn 9780080377841
File size 28MB
Year 1992
Pages 250
Language English
File format PDF
Category Games

Book Description:

The connection between opening and endgame is a topic that has been hardly covered before in chess literature. By analysing a selection of classic and modern games, the authors explain how to play the typical endings arising from different openings. Volume 2: From the Closed Games covers the plans and playing methods in endings arising from the Queen's Gambit, Indian Defenses, English Opening, and other Closed Games. The material is arranged not by a formal opening classification, but mainly according to the type of pawn formation and the central strategy adopted by Black.


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