Dynamical Systems: Stability, Symbolic Dynamics, and Chaos

This new text/reference treats dynamical systems from a mathematical perspective, centering on multidimensional systems of real variables. Background material is carefully reviewed as it is used throughout the book, and ideas are introduced through examples. Numerous exercises help the reader understand presented theorems and master the techniques of the proofs and topic under consideration. The book treats the dynamics of both itera...

Metric Spaces of Fuzzy Sets: Theory and Applications

Modern fuzzy mathematics seems to become a standard tool of modeling systems with nonprobabilistic uncertainties. Despite an abundance of valuable journal papers on this subject, sometimes it is not so easy to find certain facts; even definitions of some concepts may vary. The authors of "Metric Spaces of Fuzzy Sets : Theory and Applications", leading experts in this field, have done excellent work, gathering and systematizing basic ...

Selected Papers of C C Hsiung

This invaluable book contains selected papers of Prof Chuan-Chih Hsiung, renowned mathematician in differential geometry and founder and editor-in-chief of a unique international journal in this field, the Journal of Differential Geometry.During the period of 1935-1943, Prof Hsiung was in China working on projective differential geometry under Prof Buchin Su. In 1946, he went to the United States, where he gradually shifted to global...

Canonical Problems in Scattering and Potential Theory Part 2

Although the analysis of scattering for closed bodies of simple geometric shape is well developed, structures with edges, cavities, or inclusions have seemed, until now, intractable to analytical methods. This two-volume set describes a breakthrough in analytical techniques for accurately determining diffraction from classes of canonical scatterers with comprising edges and other complex cavity features. It is an authoritative accoun...

Matroids: A Geometric Introduction

Witty and clear, a lucid, fun explanation of matroids that also keeps digging until it gets to relatively current work in the field. Loved the historical references to people, which make the math feel real.

Asymptotic Methods in Analysis

The book is like a David Attenborough animal show: at every turn there is a new marvelous "animal" that pops its head out. What makes this possible is the subject: building approximations using asymptotic methods. Each remarkable approximation comes after the author has showed us how to almost painlessly ferret it out. This is why the book works so well, chapter after chapter we learn beautiful tricks through a clear and concise pres...

Discriminants, Resultants, and Multidimensional Determinants

…the book is almost perfectly written, and thus I warmly recommend it not only to scholars but especially to students. The latter do need a text with broader views, which shows that mathematics is not just a sequence of apparently unrelated expositions of new theories, … but instead a very huge and intricate building whose edification may sometimes experience difficulties … but eventually progresses steadily. "It is very much represe...

Smooth Dynamical Systems

This is a reprint of M C Irwin's beautiful book, first published in 1980. The material covered continues to provide the basis for current research in the mathematics of dynamical systems. The book is essential reading for all who want to master this area.

New Directions in Hopf Algebras

This volume of articles arising from the MSRI workshop on Hopf Algebras in October 1999 forms a broad survey of this exciting field and its connection with quantum groups and related areas. Topics include pointed Hopf algebras, triangular Hopf algebras, Hopf algebra extensions and cohomology, quantum groups and groupoids, quantum symmetric pairs, monoidal categories, and the Brauer group of a Hopf algebra. The volume also includes an...