Tumors in Domestic Animals, 5th Edition

"The fifth edition of Tumors in Domestic Animals has some substantial changes from the previous edition, the most immediately striking of which is the inclusion of color, which greatly adds to the illustrative power of the images. This edition contains several new chapters and updates to other chapters. Particularly noteworthy are the new chapters on trimming tissue specimens for submission and immunohistochemistry and updates to cha...

Metabolic Aspects of Chronic Liver Disease

Discusses various aspects of the metabolic basis of important chronic liver diseases. This book also discusses entities, such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes in chronic hepatitis C, hemochromatosis, Wilson's disease, Gaucher disease, porphyria, as well as liver cirrhosis and its metabolic consequences.

Introducción A La Psicopatología Y La Psiquiatría

Nueva edicion de esta obra de referencia dirigida por el Dr. Julio Vallejo, en la que se abordan los fundamentos psicopatologicos de la psiquiatria.Se trata de un manual de consulta basico dirigido al estudiante de medicina y psicologia, al especialista y a todo aquel profesional que trabaje en el campo de la salud mental. Organizado de modo claro para facilitar la comprension e interrelacion de los diferentes aspectos tratados.La ob...

Food Allergy: Practical Diagnosis and Management

Food allergy has increased over the past two decades, with a larger number of patients presenting a myriad of related symptoms and illnesses to physicians and allied health professionals. The growing number of patients poses a challenge to health care providers and confirms the need for developing best clinical practice guidelines. Based on the Expert Panel Report from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Food A...

Anatomía Humana. Volumen I (4th Edition)

Personally I dislike(maybe hate??) this book: Its been like a nightmare to understand it entirely, mainly for its complicated use of the Spanish language. Eventhough, i gotta admit its the one that has the most comprehensive content, and... the most important "pro", its the basic anatomy book at my Medicine School(Leon, GTO, MEX)!!(i got no options)

Genome-Based Diagnostics: Demonstrating Clinical Utility in Oncology: Workshop Summary

Genome-Based Diagnostics: Demonstrating Clinical Utility in Oncology is the summary of a workshop convened in May 2012 by the Roundtable on Translating Genomic-Based Research for Health and the Center for Medical Technology Policy of the Institute of Medicine to foster the identified need for further sustained dialogue between stakeholders regarding the clinical utility of molecular diagnostics. The workshop brought together a wide r...

Il fattore enzima: La dieta del futuro che previene le malattie cardiache...

"Il Fattore Enzima" contiene la chiave che rivoluzionerà il modo di considerare l’organismo umano, l’alimentazione e la medicina. Il Dr. Hiromi Shinya – prestigioso medico giapponese che da anni opera negli Stati Uniti – rivela le sorprendenti capacità di auto-guarigione dell’organismo umano. La base di questo processo risiede negli enzimi: quando la loro carica energetica si indebolisce, ci ammaliamo; quando la loro carica energetic...

Getting Ready for Brain Tumor Surgery

In training to become a neurosurgeon, many of the crucial manual skills that must be acquired can only be mastered through growing experience during the rigorous and lengthy training process. Yet, many - often essential - practical skills can quickly be learned, practiced, and even mastered, away from the OR. The author's motivation for writing this guide arose during his own training and his need for just such a practical aid. Getti...

Physiologie subtile : L'anatomie secrète, à la découverte du corps d'énergie

Voici un livre qui conduit à la compréhension des mécanismes et des structures les plus secrets du corps énergétique : Comment les champs énergétiques transforment-ils l’énergie en bioénergie ? Comment la bioénergie est-elle accumulée ? Comment construisons-nous les formes pensées qui dirigent et conditionnent notre vie ? Une oeuvre qui, tout en faisant suite au premier volume « Anatomie subtile », peut se lire indépendamment. Un liv...