Microbes in Soil and Their Agricultural Prospects

Microbes in Soil and Their Agricultural Prospects Author Kaushal Kishore and Ph.d. Choudhary
Isbn 9781634828246
File size 5MB
Year 2015
Pages 422
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biology

Book Description:

The book Microbes in Soil and Their Agricultural Prospects is a collection of advantageous, informative, simulative and holistic viewpoints presenting basic and applied aspects of microbial functioning in soil. This book covers physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms of microbiomes pertaining to the production of available nitrogen (nitrogen fixation), phosphorus (P mobilization) and plant-growth promoting hormones for adaptation in agricultural soil. Responses between microbiomes and plants (known as plant-microbe interaction) corresponding to signal molecules and plant reactions to bacterial quorum sensing have been intricately presented as well.

This book covers most of the agriculturally important microbes (Bacteria, Frankia, Burkholederia, Cyanobacteria, Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) fungi, Bacteriophages, Trichoderma). It addresses various issues in agricultural practices to make it more understandable for various levels of academia. Analysis of microbial diversity and advances in development of microbial fertilizers have also been incorporated to introduce young researchers with biofertilizer. This expert compilation of data analyzes most of the microorganisms supporting soil fertility and crop productivity that is of significant value for sustainable agronomic practices. It is invaluable not only for experienced scientists, research leaders, and agriculturalists, but also undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers beginning their careers.

Each chapter in this book has been a contribution from a qualified teachers or researchers of multiple expertise. The chapters are concentrated on microbial metabolism and its agricultural prospects. Concerted efforts have been made to make a quality compilation and presentation of microbiomes in soil. A lot of common queries and practices have been addressed to make it more interesting as well. Microbes in Soil and Their Agricultural Prospects will certainly serve as an invaluable, suitable and sustainable resource for students, teachers, and various scientists interested in sustainable agricultural practices for production of healthy foods.


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