Microsoft Excel: An (Un)Common User's Guide

(Technology Series Book 4)

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File size 7MB
Year 2016
Pages 160
Language English
File format PDF
Category Software

Book Description:

Let's face it: If you have any experience with Excel, you either love it or you hate it.

In "Microsoft Excel - An (Un)Common User’s Guide," we hope to win you over to the "Love it" side.

Using our uncommon style of full-color images, easy navigation, and clear delineation between topics, "Microsoft Excel - An (Un)Common User’s Guide" is written as a learning and/or teaching aid that takes away the mystery and empowers you to explore each feature with confidence.

-Worksheets and Workbooks
-Selecting cells
-Naming cells and cell ranges
-Inserting and Deleting columns and rows
-Formulas and Functions
-The Insert Function Wizard
-Cell Formatting
-Adjusting cell height and width
-Cell Referencing
-Sort and Filter
-Conditional Formatting
-Using the AutoFill Feature
-Using Comments
-and much more.


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