Microsoft Office 2013/365 And Beyond

5672d5735212a.jpg Author Charles Thies and Theodor Richardson
Isbn 978-1938549847
File size 21.9 MB
Year 2015
Pages 841
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Software

Book Description:

Microsoft Office 2013/365 and Beyond is divided into five sections with 16 chapters that progressively introduce you to computer concepts from the moment you hit the power button all the way through to using a variety of productivity software applications available in Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. The focus of this text is to provide readers with the skills needed to discuss essential computer concepts, navigate and conduct basic tasks using an operating system, and develop files using basic productivity applications. The companion disc includes all of the files needed to complete the chapter exercises within the text. You will also find video tutorials, a repository of high-resolution images from the chapters, and samples of completed projects for comparison.

•Designed to address the Windows operating system and the 2013 Microsoft Office application suite
•Integrates the use of both MacOS and OpenOffice into the text to describe the respective concepts in Windows and Microsoft Office (MS Outlook, Word, PowerPoint & Excel)
• Includes a dynamic 4-color design with supplementary video tutorials to enhance the learning process
• Discusses common computer applications, including Adobe Reader (for reading PDF files) and Microsoft OneNote for Windows (for managing files). Additional productivity tools like are presented
• Includes a comprehensive DVD with sample tutorial videos, project files from the text, figures, Excel functions and formulas, and MS Office shortcuts
•Numerous instructor supplements and companion Web site available upon adoption


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