Minecraft for Makers: Minecraft in the Real World with LEGO, 3D Printing, Arduino, and More!

004e2130_medium Author John Baichtal
Isbn 9781680453157
File size 93MB
Year 2017
Pages 176
Language English
File format PDF
Category Games

Book Description:

My son thinks this is a pretty cool 'idea' book. He's not going to make a lot of the projects here, but he has some ideas of how he wants to make something like some of the items here and use some of the techniques he's learning from this more than the projects themselves.

I like how it doesn't just say here's a project to do but teaches you how to think critically about doing a Minecraft project. One of the first simple ways it does this is to explain that the Minecraft block sides are a texture that is a 16x16 grid and then talks about the colors and thinking about how many shades of a color you need to represent the colors in Minecraft. Then when it talks about making Minecraft in Lego, it talks about how the shapes of a Lego brick can translate to Minecraft when considering the sizes and shapes in Minecraft. Many of these things seem basic to an adult maker like me, but I have a hard time realizing that my son needs to learn the basics first. I really like how this book teaches how to think through a project and not just to follow instructions.

Too many craft books or craft projects just say 'here's what you need' and 'here's what you do'. This book does a great job of teaching why you do things. It does a great job of setting my son up with what he needs to make his own Minecraft projects and not just the ones in this book. Minecraft is a game that says you can do whatever you want and that you are only limited by your imagination. This maker book sets you up to translating that type of ideology into real world projects. I really like that and I like that this makes my son excited. I think it's a good book, and I suggest it.


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