Mobile Phone Security: A favorite of Investor and Celebrity

Mobile Phone Security: A favorite of Investor and Celebrity Author
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Year 2018
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Book Description:

Mobile Phone Security –A favorite of the investor and celebrity as the name implies is a book that sees threats in this present day world and this threat will increase in the next future which means we need a diary that will help keep us for now and subsequently for the future.
This book visualizes the life of an investor where the confidential file will be carried along with Him to various place in case of a business meeting, or even transactions to be carried out on the mobile phone since it can be operated from anywhere in the world. A good step is carried out to tackle this kind of situation to feel safe when with your mobile phone.
A celebrity life this day has become something where naked pictures a shared around the world on the internet, which make many celebrities feel unsafe with their private and keep them away when confidential or private issues come up. This book has found a solution to those problems which can make you relax and use your mobile anywhere.
And also it covers areas where you feel strange things with your mobile phone and how to deal with it.
Part what is in the book is;
Keeping the phone safe
How to spot spy apps
How to remove those spy apps
Best world practice to mobile security breach
And so on.


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