Model Selection and Model Averaging

5a4838f4a9e4c.jpg Author Gerda Claeskens
Isbn 9780521852258
File size 5.0MB
Year 2008
Pages 332
Language English
File format PDF
Category Mathematics

Book Description:

Choosing a model is central to all statistical work with data. We have seen rapid advances in model fitting and in the theoretical understanding of model selection, yet this book is the first to synthesize research and practice from this active field. Model choice criteria are explained, discussed and compared, including the AIC, BIC, DIC and FIC. The uncertainties involved with model selection are tackled with discussions of frequent and Bayesian methods; model averaging schemes are presented. Real-data examples are complemented by derivations providing deeper insight into the methodology, and instructive exercises build familiarity with the methods. The companion website features Data sets and R-code.


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